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THS Armada 2020

Welcome to the THS Armada 2020 fair platform.

17 november 10:00 till 18. november 16:00   CET

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–––––––––WELCOME TO THS ARMADA 2020–––––––––

As a student you are welcome to come join the digital fair from wherever you are in the world. All of our exhibitors will be present at this one platform during the fair's opening hours. You as a student are more than welcome joining us in the student lounge in Nymble.

By visiting the fair you will have the chance to talk and actually stay in touch with our exhibitors, have individual meetings, apply for jobs with your profile and watch live presentations – all just a few clicks away.


––––––––– WHY TO ATTEND–––––––––

Attending career fairs is one of the most important things you do during your studies for two reasons.

1. As a new student you should talk to the exhibitors to get an idea of what they value in a candidate going for a full time job in the end of the studies. This will give you several years to prepare and gather the right experience! It's also a great time to get an understanding of which industries could suit you, and maybe you will also snatch a part time job for trying it out?

2. As a student finishing up your studies you should try and restart the contacts you already have with the companies. Get to know what openings there are and when the application period is. All of our exhibitors are aching to meet you!

––––––––– ARMADA COMPETITION–––––––––

This year we are introducing the Armada Competition. As soon as you register for the fair you are in the lottery. The better percentage of profile completeness and the more active you are during the fair your chances of winning will increase.

The prizes?

There are about 50 prizes ranging from food vouchers to tech from Electrolux to a weekend with a Volvo!

––––––––– OPENING HOURS–––––––––

The fair will be arranged on Tuesday the 17th and Wednesday the 18th of November. The opening hours for the fair are:

17/11 – 10:00-16:00

18/11 – 10:00-18:00



Good luck!


For more information and some tips and tricks read our FaQ at